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Times of Zambia

Also focussed on the gala dinner this piece notes the importance of including women in development if Africa is to achieve its growth potential. It highlights the lack of political will for inclusive growth. ZNBC’s website runs a similar piece in brief. The Times quotes Ms Diogo: “the greediness, exclusion and lack of unity that sustained the colonisation of the continent must not repeat itself".



Zambia Daily Mail

Machel urges women to form networks borrows from Mrs Machel’s opening speech at the Summit. The article highlights the need for women to work together in their efforts on empowerment rather than having a number of fragmented organisations. The article also quotes Zambian Finance Minister Chikwanda who noted that women are at the epicentre of the economy. http://www.daily-mail.co.zm/index.php/local-news/item/6799-machel-urges-women-to-form-networks

In this piece entitled Africa needs women for development, the publication focusses on comments made by former Mozambican Prime Minister Luisa Diogo on the need for inclusive growth. It also points out other high profile attendees of the gala dinner. http://www.daily-mail.co.zm/index.php/local-news/item/6834-%E2%80%98africa-needs-women-for-development%E2%80%99

Independent Newspapers

Independent Newspapers is a leading newspaper group in South Africa, publishing more than 30 daily and weekly newspapers in the country’s 3 major metropolitan areas. The group has aggregate weekly sales of 2,8 million copies in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape and reaches 63% of English newspaper readers in these areas.

The Independent Newspapers representative tweeted during the Summit and also published articles.

Published in the Saturday Star on 26 July, “Banks need to empower women” refers to comments made by Mrs Machel to Independent Newspapers following the Summit press conference. The article talks about research done by NFNV on providing access to capital for female entrepreneurs, adding that banks need to work faster to make women empowerment a reality. The article also talks about the importance of pledges and their delivery on advancing empowerment. http://www.iol.co.za/business/news/banks-need-to-change-to-empower-women-1.1726124#.U-fm3eOH6So

The 27 July Sunday Independent Piece, Fraser Moleketi sows seeds of development focusses on the interventions of the AfDB in Women’s economic empowerment since the appointment of Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi as special envoy on gender. It questions the lack of attendance of senior government officials from South Africa compared to other represented countries. http://www.iol.co.za/news/africa/fraser-moleketi-sows-seeds-of-development-1.1726238#.U_d1DWP7EhX

Côte d'Ivoire Economie

Whilst the piece for this has not been published as yet, the journalist has indicated that this will happen in due course and a copy will be provided. The piece will likely be written in French.

New African Woman

This is the only women’s publication covering the entire African continent and its Diaspora. It provides in-depth coverage on a diverse range of issues that speak to and resonate with the modern African woman worldwide.

There will likely be a centrespread in the next issue of New African Woman which will likely be in October. Regina interviewed Geraldine Fraser- Moleketi, Mrs Graca Machel, Nomsa Daniels and Johanna Mukoki for this.