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Africa: Graça Machel Trust Launches a Pan African Women's Media Network

It’s five in the afternoon in Lilongwe and my colleagues are setting off from Save the Children’s office after a busy day. June is winter here in Malawi and it gets dark early; the last rays of sun will be gone in just half an hour. The air is dry and cool.


5 women giving Africa’s entrepreneurs a helping hand

On a continent well known for making the news for all the wrong reasons, there are thousands of African women who are not only creating successful businesses, but leaving inspiration and change in their wake, and in a small way helping to change the narrative of Africa’s headlines. The five women below are still making massive strides in their respective business sectors, changing their industries and improving business for other women in Africa.



Africa: Network Aims to Promote African Women as 'Gamechangers'

Johannesburg — The Graça Machel Trust announces the launch of a Women in Media Network (WIMN), which aims to change the way media portrays African women and children.