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About Us

In our various countries of operation, the Trust brings together new and existing networks of women, representing a range of sectors. The networks are geared to support women in their efforts to drive, influence and shape socio-economic policies in their various countries, as they work towards making a tangible impact on Africa’s development.

Working with many partners, the Trust provides both institutional and technical support to these networks in an effort to build critical mass of highly qualified, active women who then become effective voices in areas where they are currently underrepresented. Our current networks include: Women in Business, Women in Agriculture, and Women in Finance and the Graça Machel Trust Scholarship Programme.

Our Approach

Engage with regulators, policy makers and private sector bodies to remove the structural obstacles that impede women’s economic progress.

Convene key stakeholders in different sectors to develop innovative ways to accelerate women’s economic advancement.

Advocate for the expansion of women’s economic opportunities and leadership at national, regional, continental and global levels.

Conduct research and disseminate knowledge on women’s financial inclusion, entrepreneurial development and the sectoral contribution to African economies.

Strengthen and expand our networks to have a tangible and measurable impact in the countries in which they operate.

Our networks

The Network for African Business Women (NABW) is currently the biggest network in terms of membership. Launched in 2011 the movement aims to strengthen business women’s associations, identify existing business women and turn them into growth-oriented entrepreneurs.

The network provides an effective platform for women to freely, equitably and effectively participate in the economic development of their countries through the establishment of sustainable business ventures and strong support organisations.

The African Women in Agribusiness Network (AWAB) aims to address challenges in food security and identify opportunities for women in the agricultural sector.

The network advocates for initiatives that enhance women’s competitiveness in local and global markets. AWAB also seeks to foster market linkages for women, connecting them to projects in the agricultural sector that can improve their access to resources, knowledge and training.

New Faces New Voices (NFNV) advocates for women’s access to
finance and financial services. The network aims to bridge the funding gap in financing women-owned businesses in Africa and to lobby for policy and legislative changes.

 The overall objective of the network is to advance the financial inclusion of women by bringing more women into the formal financial system.

The Women in Media Network (WIMN) is the Trust’s most recent network comprising 35 highly experienced journalists from 15 countries across Africa.

A key focus of the network will be to challenge the current perceptions and mindsets about Africa’s women and children and how they are portrayed in the media.
We believe that through balanced storytelling we will be able shape a new reality – one that reflects more nuanced stories, told in the way that women want and deserve their stories to be told.