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The Children’s Rights Programme works across Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia to mobilise like-minded civil society networks at national and regional levels, as well as with global development partners to jointly advocate for the holistic development of Africa’s children, with a special focus on the girl child.


Our efforts are centred around the following:

  • Network building and developing strategic partnerships at sub-national, national, regional and global levels;
  • Using evidence-based research to develop advocacy messages and campaigns;
  • The implementation of targeted, localised action-research projects to contribute to the knowledge base on policies and programmes on children’s rights;
  • Supporting and promoting regional and global integration and policy harmonisation, by facilitating the sharing of lessons learned across countries and regions.

By leveraging the convening power of our Founder, the Trust is able to conduct and participate in high level advocacy meetings, to influence key decision makers and to drive the necessary policy and structural reforms needed to radically improve the lives of Africa’s children



Strategic Objectives in the next Five years

The Trust will implement the following three strategic objectives:

  1. To carry out global, regional and country-level advocacy to generate political will, create optimal investment and catalyze institutional changes that will accelerate evidence-based ECD in the Africa region by 2022.
  2. To carry out action-research in two selected countries to develop good practice in evidence-based ECD and reach 40,000 young children by 2022.
  3. To support research projects to promote knowledge generation and facilitate learning through knowledge sharing dialogues and platforms by 2022.