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International Symposium on Sustainable Food Systems for Healthy Diets and Improved Nutrition 1 to 2 December 2016, Rome, Italy

Adequate nutrition is essential for health, growth and well-being and every person on this planet has the right to nutritious food. Yet, 793 million people, or one in every nine, go to bed hungry. They lack even the basic food to meet their energy needs.

Not eating a balanced diet is another form of malnutrition that can lead to suffering from obesity, an issue that is increasing at an alarmingly fast rate, affecting approximately 1.9 billion people worldwide. Overweight and obesity are a risk factor for diet related non-communicable diseases like heart disease, diabetes and others.

On the basis of the above statistics, the Trust’s Nutrition Programme Manager participated together with CSO’s in Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique gave insights from a regional perspective. The symposium concentrated on three sub-themes that provide a comprehensive picture of food systems and actionable entry points for promoting healthy diets. Firstly to supply side policies and measures for increasing access to healthy diets, secondly to demand side policies and measures for increasing access and empowering consumers to choose healthy diets and lastly measures to strengthen accountability, resilience, and equity within the food system.

For more details on the symposium and outcomes click here