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The Trust’s vision for Africa, is that every child, in every nation, has the possibility to begin his or her life with the best possible foundation that will allow them to reach their fullest potential. This includes, but is not limited to, formal and non-formal education, health and nutrition. Using this approach as our guiding principle, we are successfully implementing our Children’s Rights Programme.

The programme focuses on Early Childhood Development (ECD), Education and Child Protection. Together with our partners at a global, regional and country level, we engage and support networks working to create solid foundations for the development of the African child within these core areas. Through our continued country and regional efforts, we are starting to see a cumulative impact in our Children’s Rights core focus areas, further motivating us to continue our efforts towards more equitable outcomes for the continent’s most marginalised citizens.


Leveraging our partnerships with regional bodies as well as partnerships at the country, and global level, we seek to ensure that all children can access quality education, are retained in school, progress optimally and achieve their full potential through good formal and non-formal education. We work with activists, partners, individuals and groups that are committed to creating a better future for Africa’s children.

The programme views children as more than rights holders, but key decision-makers who should be involved in decision-making processes grouped by age and maturity level. Child participation is therefore central to all programme interventions as we work towards the protection and promotion of children’s rights on the continent.


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The Mara Region was declared a priority area for the development of a unified intervention to address the needs of out of school children.
Our Founder challenged the Mara community to form an alliance to undertake a more coordinated approach to tackle education challenges and child marriage in the region.
Following intense preparation between the Trust, the Mara Alliance, local partners joined hands to start of the Out of School Children (OOSC) Project in partnership with Educate A Child (EAC) to enrol and retain 20,000 children in the region back into the country’s education system over a two-year period.


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UNICEF and the Graça Machel Trust have an existing agreement to work together on a joint project on the “Realization of the Rights of the African Child” Advancing a holistic agenda for change through Advocacy, Policy and Practice”
The three main objectives are; increased public and private advocacy on child rights in Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania, building the capacity of civil society organisations for engagement on the child rights agenda and lastly, monitoring of child rights policies and programmes by civil society in the four countries.


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Through regional and global partnerships such as the Children’s Dignity Forum in Tanzania, UNFPA, Girls Not Brides who are working together to end child marriage in this generation.
To advocate for young girls who are forced into marriage, key messages, high level meetings with cabinet ministers, policy and decision makers, dialogues, civil society participation on ending child marriage, improving nutrition and increasing education access are some of the actions taken by the Trust to lend a voice and eradiate the practice on child marriage in this generation.



Graҫa Machel is the Chair of PMNCH Board, and Member of the High-Level Steering Group for Every Woman, Every Child

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