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Our vision for Africa, is that every child, in every nation, has the possibility to begin his or her life with the best possible foundation that will allow them to reach their fullest potential. Using this approach as our guiding principle, we are successfully implementing our Children’s Rights Programme. The programme focuses on Early Childhood Development (ECD), Education and Ending Child Marriage. We work with child development and education civil society networks in Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia.


The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the African Charter on the Rights of Children outline a global framework for the promotion and protection of children’s rights. The framework aims to ensure that children do not only survive, but also thrive and develop and to their full potential. Based on this framework, the Children’s Rights Programme therefore maintains the following beliefs:

  • Children’s Rights are equal, indivisible, interdependent and inextricably intertwined. The programme therefore advocates for a holistic and integrated approach to children’s rights
  • Children’s Rights require a conducive environment to be realised fully. The programme therefore works to ensure that children’s rights are delivered in caring, loving and supportive family and community based relationships
  • Children’s Rights require a holistic approach for their full realisation. The Programme promotes a systems approach to addressing the needs and rights of children, facilitating multisector service delivery, and civil society engagement to promote family and community responses.


Leveraging our partnerships with regional bodies as well as partnerships at the country, and global level, we seek to ensure that all children can access quality education, are retained in school, progress optimally and achieve their full potential through good formal and non-formal education. We work with activists, partners, individuals and groups that are committed to creating a better future for Africa’s children.

The programme views children as more than just rights holders, but key decision-makers that should be involved in decision-making processes that match their age and maturity level. Child participation is therefore central to all programme interventions as we work towards the protection and promotion of children’s rights in the Africa region.


Promoting and Protecting Children’s Rights